Nervous System

Autonomics to the gut

“The PARAsympathetics follow a rule of TWO” [pair = two]:

The vagus does the top, the sacral splanchnics the outflow tract.

“The sympathetics follow a rule of threes”:

Greater, lesser, least splanchnic nerves go to the celiac,superior and inferior mesenteric ganglion.


Diaphragm innervation

3, 4, 5 keeps the diaphragm alive”:

Diaphragm innervation is cervical roots 3, 4, and 5.


Lumbar plexus

I, I Get Laid On Fridays”:

  • Iliohypogastric [L1]
  • Ilioinguinal [L1]
  • Genitofemoral [L1, L2]
  • Lateral femoral cutaneous [L2, L3]
  • Obtruator [L2, L3, L4]
  • Femoral [L2, L3, L4]

Alternatively: “I twice Get Laid On Fridays”.

Alternatively: “Interested In Getting Laid On Fridays?”


Lumbar plexus roots

2 from 1, 2 from 2, 2 from 3“:

  • 2 nerves from 1 root: Ilioinguinal (L1), Iliohypogastric (L1).
  • 2 nerves from 2 roots: Genitofemoral (L1,L2), Lateral Femoral (L2,L3).
  • 2 nerves from 3 roots: Obturator (L2,L3,L4), Femoral (L2,L3,L4).


Pelvis: sacral innervation

“S2,3,4 keeps the 3 P‘s off the floor (Penis, Poo, and Pee).

S2,3,4 innervates the anal sphincter, urethral sphicter, and causes erection.


Penis autonomic innervation actions

Parasympathetic Puts it up. Sympathetic Spurts it out”.

Alternatively: “Point and Shoot”: Parasympathetic Points it, Sympathetic Shoots out the semen.

Erection and Ejaculation (Emission).


Spinal cord: length in vertebral column


Spinal Cord Until L2 (LL).


 You can suggest more mnemonics …

Warm regards,

Dr. Indrajit Rana


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  • ARM Cortex Development Board

    How do you keep disciplined and in control though? Isn’t this what it’s all about at the end of the day?

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